Awesome Managed WordPress Hosting For Busy Makers

Full Control Hosting

Get your WordPress hosted in a good environment. You have full control over it and you can manage themes, plugins, and users.

Show Me Specs?

Speed optimization

We will optimize your WordPress for Speed and give you WP Rocket ($199 value) for a faster website.

Bulletproof Security

We will setup everything to have your WordPress safe. Including iThemes Security Pro plugin ($297 value).

24/7 Monitoring

We check your website every minute using our monitoring tools. We take action within seconds if it's down.

Daily Cloud Backups

We will make daily backups of your website, so in case you need them you will be able to rollback.

Weekly Updates

Your WordPress, its plugins and themes are updated every week so everything runs smoothly.

Premium Plugins For Free

Some premium plugins are offered for free as part of the plan!

Advanced Support

It doesn't matter if you're using WooCommerce or a custom built WordPress. Our plan is suitable for all websites as long as they're using WordPress.

Unlimited Website Edits

We will edit your website whenever you want. For example, you wanted to install a plugin. We will do that instead of you 😉

What's Included?

Complete Malware Removal

We will check your website for malware and proceed to a complete removal if results are positive.

Detailed Reports

We will send you monthly reports so you know every single change and update we made to your WordPress.

Priority Support

We will always be available for you whenever you need anything, even guidance when it comes to taking decisions. By Email or Live chat.

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