Best Tools I Use On My WordPress Websites


Hi! I am Mehdi and I’ve started many WordPress websites than I can count…

A website is like a business, it requires constant changes and improvement, that’s why I am always looking for tools and plugins to help me improve my websites and my visitors’ experience..

Without further ado, let’s see them one by one with their categories and features. Feel free to click on a category to jump directly to its related tool/software.

Customer Relationship
SEO Toolkit
Themes & Visual Builder
Email Marketing
WordPress Hosting

LiveChatInc – Customer Relationship

Despite using on this website for its amazing alarm that can wake me at 3 AM. I prefer to have LiveChatInc on any other website.

They’re among the first ones who launched themselves in this market and their products have taken their share of maturity. They have time-saving features that saves you, like automatic replies and windows application so you can install their software directly on your device.

You can check their offer here.

SEMrush – Complete SEO Toolkit

SEMrush is the perfect tool for SEO. Everyone’s using it. You will find it useful when it comes to SEO, backlinks, keywords and traffic analysis.

Most people use it to spy on their competitors too as it gives you an accurate estimate on traffic and keywords they’re ranking for.

It also has everything to help you track your website and make audits to improve its chances of ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

It’s the must for everyone dealing with websites.

You can check their offer here.

Elegant Themes – Best Themes With Their Visual Builders

This is probably a must for all WordPress websites. Elegant Themes created the most known theme builder, Divi. Its mainly used by non-technical people to make websites.

I suggest it to everyone who wants to have original design with WordPress as it will help you to craft your own design and style so that you don’t lose your brand identity.

You can check their offer here.

GetResponse – Email Marketing and List Building

There are a lot of Email Marketing tools and they all have their own features but in my opinion, GetResponse is the best when it comes to features and price.

Unlike other tools, it doesn’t stop at Email Marketing. You can also build funnels and run webinars with its tools. This on itself, is the #1 reason I prefer them most of the time.

You can check their offer here.

WPNoise – WordPress Hosting

Yes you’ve read it right. I use my own service for hosting my own WordPress websites.

It’s reseller hosting but I’ve been selective enough to keep better than most hosting companies. I only host a maximum of 20 websites per 1GB uplink. This gives me and my clients a performant environment for our websites that I consider better than Kinsta or WPEngine.

There’s also maintenance included (weekly updates…), a service that WPBuffs offers on its own for a much higher price.

Check our offers here.

I've been using WordPress for more than 5 years now and I've mastered it to the level that I use it on every single website I launch. I started this blog to help you master it and start a successful website/blog.

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