Best WordPress E-Commerce Plugins In 2019


Best WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

There are advantages when you add an e-commerce plugin to your website. However, there are many plugins to choose and that is what most online business owners are worried about, which plugin offers the features you need to have a successful store?

More than half of the owners of medium scale to large scale e-commerce websites are claiming that their business should have blossomed if they have chosen the right plugin from the start. It is important to select the plugin that perfectly matches the kind of business that you have as there is no turning back and you cannot replace the lost time.

Because there is a high demand when it comes to e-Commerce industry, you will easily find a plugin that you can add on your WordPress website.

1. WooCommerce


This is probably the most widely used WordPress e-Commerce plugin over the internet because it offers a broader answer enabling the website owner to sell physical and digital goods.

The extensions of WooCommerce can either be paid or free and they’r easy to use. Within minutes after installing the plugin, you will be able sell your products instantly. But if you prefer to have a fully customized online store, there are WooCommerce developers that are offering this kind of service for a fee.

Another thing that makes WooCommerce preferred by many online sellers is that it offers many payment options. Aside from cash on delivery, WooCommerce has tied up with PayPal and BACS for faster and easier transactions.

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, WooCommerce has an amazing customer assistance ready to back you up in building your online store.

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2. BigCommerce


For a small to a medium scale online store, BigCommerce is the platform that best suit your needs.

Unlike the other e-Commerce platforms, BigCommerce does not collect a ludicrous amount of fees from website owners. On the other hand, BigCommerce gives a lot of options when it comes to templates thus you can give your online store a look that you truly like.

More so, the BigCommerce platform provides online seller the tools where they could offer promotions and discounts to boost their sales.

Integrating BigCommerce with your WordPress account makes business management a lot easier as you can access the store and the website via BigCommerce.

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3. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy digital downloads

If you are selling digital products on WordPress, Easy Digital Download is for you. It is a lightweight plugin that enables online sellers for hassle-free retail of digital products. More so, Easy Digital Downloads allows users to fully customize the e-Commerce storefront for a more personalized page.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms that permit the selling of digital goods, Easy Digital Downloads does not include features that are unnecessary to a digital storefront. For instance, digital goods are downloadable hence there is no need to put shipping options on your storefront.

If you intend only on selling digital goods, there is no point in using an interface that is intended for physical goods retailing. So, Easy Digital Downloads makes product listing and selling easily and quickly.

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4. Shopify


If you are new to online selling, Shopify is the best platform to start with. Shopify allows an online seller to list their products to any website not just WordPress. However, the downside is that it does not have the integration feature. Thus, you need to juggle between the two interfaces.

For a newbie online seller, Shopify is more user-friendly than the built-in plugins of WordPress. You do not need to undergo a lot of processes to sell your goods. You only need to sign-up, build your site and you are good to go.

There is not much to worry about when you are using Shopify for it will look after for the security, speed, and technical aspect of the store for you.

Furthermore, Shopify allows its users to fully customize their site for a more personal touch.

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5. Member Press


If you are selling products that require recurring fees, Member Press will answer to your need.

Subscription-based products are getting popular each day and for business owners, it is a good thing.

WooCommerce and Member Press can be integrated into on to further enhance the capabilities of your online store. Member Press allows you to be more in control over your products as you can revoke or grant the clients’ access to your digital goods.

More so, Member Press allows various payment methods and likewise supports social communities.

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6. WP eCommerce

Wp ecommerce

Even if it is the oldest WordPress plugin there is, it is not as popular to online sellers even though it offers a wide array of payment option and allows the user to put personal touches on the page.

What makes it unpopular to many is that the interface is bugged and limited. Hence many users opt for either Shopify or WooCommerce.

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7. LemonStand


Making a beautiful and hassle-free online store can be made possible using LemonStand. LemonStand allows the user to tailor the page according to the customers’ convenience. Furthermore, business management is made easy with LemonStand as they have made content publishing stress-free with its content management system and they have tied-up with different web applications.

Now that you know the plugins that are widely used, you are probably wondering as to which is the best WordPress eCommerce Plugin for your online store.

The truth of the matter is that no one can force you as to which one to use because in reality, the final decision will solely come from you. It will all depend on your personal preference. But WordPress has strongly suggested using WooCommerce as your interface in selling the products on your website if you are after convenience.

However, WooCommerce may only come second to Shopify when it comes to technical support. Shopify is just like WooCommerce, user-friendly and hassle-free but the customer support that they provide for their clients is what makes them stand out. Their representative is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to assist you with your needs.

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