There are many WordPress Care companies, why should I choose yours?

  • We give our clients access to premium plugins free of charge.  iThemes Security Pro (a $297 value), SEOPress and WP Rocket (a $199 value). These are a killer deal compared to the price of our plans.
  • Hosting is included. This is a $290/month value as our hosting plan is unlimited when it comes to how much visits you can receive.
  • We treat every website as a business that should always give a good impression rather than just an address out there on the web…

This service should easily cost more than $350/month, how come it is only at $39/m?

Since we are based in Algeria, taxes and costs are low. Only our servers are located in the United States (Los Angeles) which makes us profitable with these prices. We want our services to be affordable for all the WordPress folks out there, everyone equipped with WordPress should be able to use our awesome services to save time and energy for more important and challenging stuff.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, our subscriptions don’t involve you signing a contract or comitting to one. We have no set-up fees nor cancellation fees. We want to be sure that dealing with us is a healthy relationship that should begin and end on good terms.

You can cancel your service anytime but there is no refunds.

I don't have a website yet. Can you build one for me?

Our plans are specifically designed for existing websites. We don’t build websites but rather host and manage them.

My website is not based on WordPress, can I still host with you?

Yes, you can host your website with us even if it was custom built using another CMS or a programming language like PHP.
We’ll have you on a server with custom built websites too. But you’ll lose some perks like: Free Premium plugins, weekly updates and speed optimization as these are all related to WordPress.

Which premium plugins are offered for free?

SuperHero Plan






iThemes Security Pro